Who We Are

Welcome to Autus

We initiated our Entrepreneurship in the year 2013 as AUTUS INTERNATIONAL based at engineering & technology hub of India, Pune, Maharashtra. With the thought process of beginning with what it truly means to be a technology differentiator with a clear purpose of protecting the environment, serving society and creating & building a team which will lead us to the sustainable journey. We got accredited to ISO 9001 certification.

With a vision that goes beyond business, we took a leap and upgraded ourselves as AUTUS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED. With technological differentiation, we offer the most comprehensive range of products & services, to deliver performance sustainably in global industries.

With our continuous initiatives and efforts, we’re developing methods and technological processes using ever-less-invasive methods to minimize environmental footprints while maximizing positive influence on the communities in which we live and work.

Our operations are aligned through two business verticals – Water, Process & Clean Air Chemistry and Sustainable Solutions for community & healthcare industries.

Water, Process & Clean Air Chemistry vertical comprises of ion exchange resins and media products & Sustainable Solutions for community and healthcare industries vertical comprises of community drinking water system and oxygen generator plants.

As a part of a sustainable community initiative aligned with our vision to serve the society and to meet global standards, we offer technological products of safe community drinking water and oxygen generator plants.

Currently, our domestic market reach is been through B2B customers across India and with similar business module, we outreached customers in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia. In our expansion plan, we intend to reach uncharted territories across the globe.

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Our Vision

To be a leading sustainable technological Solutions Company that goes beyond business and serving customers based on innovative, science-led differentiated products and solutions.

Our Mission

Serving Society through Innovations, Science and Environment protection.

Our Values

We look to our below values that guide the decisions we make as we pursue our ambitions: Our team’s dedications to efforts, excel in any environment and customer service is our greatest strength. Our commitment to technology and quality is the basis that enhance and optimize our customers' performance while making the most of our unique assets.